Community Support

At Murray's we love getting behind the community - it has been a big part of our ethos from inception and we are proud to focus our resources on a number of causes.

Whilst we wish we could bring the beer and good times to everyone, we are still a growing company and can’t say yes to every request from the great causes that come to our attention daily.

Being selective means that we can really get behind the causes we do support and work towards making them real winners. It is important to us that we align with groups that we believe in and that share the spirit of our brewery.

We are running at full capacity with a packed brew schedule to meet our existing local and export demands, so it is tricky for us to give out resources, especially personnel, outside of special occasions. That being said, we are always excited to get on board when the right project comes along.

If you have an event and are looking for some backup, please reach out and we will get in touch to talk.

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