Brewery Tours


Public Brewery Tours run at 2.30pm WEDNESDAY- FRIDAYS

The tour begins with a brief history of Murray's Craft Brewing Co while strolling between the grapevines to the brewery. The raw ingredients (malt, hops, water, yeast) are explained and visitors are able to smell and taste the raw ingredients. The process of turning the raw ingredients into wort (unfermented beer) is explained while showing the required vessels in the Brewhouse. Fermentation of the wort into beer, and how this takes place, is explained and the fermentation vessels are viewed. Generally on tours, beer is fermenting and visitors can see the CO2 by-product being expelled from the vessel. Visitors then learn about the conditioning process, filtration and carbonation of beer. Visitors may also see beer being kegged or bottled. The tour group is then taken back to the cellar door for tastings of the beer being made on site with trained staff.

It's about 30 minutes of interesting and informative beer stuff. Then the best part is a beer tasting at the end.

Feel free to ask questions about the process, the history of the brewery, and the property. Returning to the cellar door you will partake in a guided tasting paddle with our cellar door team.

Visitors are welcome to wander around our extensive grounds.

NB: Suitable footwear must be worn. Open toe shoes or thongs will not be allowed. Supervision of children is required.

Murray's Brewer