Craft Spirits

And in the new chapter of the Murray’s ever changing story, late in 2017, we added a distillery to the mix, launching our first, small batch of our craft spirits range are the perfect complement to our beer, wine and cider offerings.

In Murray’s own words, “We believe gin and vodka are the greatest spirits. They are so versatile - whether on their own or as the keys to great cocktails - and bartenders love them. The hallmarks of great craft spirits are their purity, mouthfeel and the length of time the flavour and mouthfeel persist after swallowing. We’re very proud of our first offering,” he added.

According to Murray, the ‘craft’ of a gin comes in mixing botanicals and flavours. Our GAIA New World Gin range uses the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary techniques and botanicals to deliver full flavoured quality Gins

Because the flavour of vodka is more delicate, a distiller’s unique approach isn’t as obvious as with other spirits. MurraysVodka is made in the traditional Finnish style to deliver the smoothest spirit possible. It is triple distilled using Murray’s new small 8-plate craft still for absolute clarity and a clean flavour. The end result gives off very subtle notes of vanilla and malt from the barley grains used during fermentation.

Our 2021 Gold Medal Winning Darkside Coffee Liqueur is the result of a local collaboration with Newcastles Sprocket Coffee Roasters. This decadent coffee delight channels the essence of the night with a side of mischief and mystery. 

Gaia Savorous Gin

Gaia Savorous Gin

Gaia Savorous Gin is a handcrafted, New World Gin, blended to embody the sensation of walking through a savoury herb garden. Prominent notes of rosemary, bay and thyme are blended with delicate flavours of Sicilian olive, smoked juniper and cucumber giving a surprising, Mediterranean taste. Savorous Gin is perfect for a dirty martini or drunk neat by the savvy gin enthusiast.

Gaia Citrus Gin

Gaia Citrus Gin Citrus

Gaia Summer Citrus Gin is a handcrafted, New World Gin with a bold aromatic style that dances between sweet citrus cuts of lemon, kaffir lime and orange. You’ll taste the native lemon myrtle, fused into the background with crushed juniper, coriander and angelica. Perfect for those hot summer days. Gaia. The New Goddess of Gin.

Gaia Dry Gin

Gaia Dry Gin Dry Gin

Gaia Dry Gin is a handcrafted, New World Gin that evolves the traditional London Dry style into something much more. A unique recipe, that balances the subtle oriental spices and soft floral aromatics then pairs them with delicate citrus botanicals and huge splashes of split juniper and Tasmanian pepper berry. Gaia. The New Goddess of Gin.


Darkside Coffee Liqueur

Embrace your darkside. Cold brewed coffee meets grain vodka with notes of wattle seed, drink straight over ice or mix and mingle. Channeling the essence of the night with a side of mischief and mystery, dark corners hide the brightest possibilities. We’re about misadventure, never malevolence, because the dark side is better when you make it back.


Vodka Vodka

This smooth Finnish style Vodka is perfect for all occasions, straight or mixed. Distilled right here at Bobs Farm, Port Stephens.

ABV 40%
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