Pirate Bob's Scavenger Hunt

We love how families love our Bobs Farm wide open spaces, whether they are playing bocce, listening to live music or soaking up the sun on a blanket on the grass.

Pirate Bob's Scavenger Hunt is an interactive mobile app that takes kids on a random adventure searching for treasure on our property. 

Owner Murray Howe says:

"Developing the App is about giving everyone at the venue a quality experience and getting kids to connect with the outdoors.”

He believes when kids are engaged actively outdoors it can give parents time without any pressure on them to entertain their children for a few hours.

“The idea was also to encourage groups of children to connect and play together as they work toward solving clues,” he said.

As individual kids play, they start helping others, which in turn leads them to play more traditional games like cricket together.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play to get the kids started, then you’ll be free to relax and shift gears into holiday mode while they chase after clues, all over the property.

Pirate Bob’s Scavenger Hunt is just one more reason to take a break at the award winning micro brewery, along the coast road on the way into Port Stephens.

With free live entertainment on weekends and an app to keep the kids busy, Murray’s is definitely a stop to consider.

What you'll need:

Pirate Bob's Scavenger Hunt