Oktoberfest comes to Port Stephens!

The world’s biggest festival is coming to Port Stephens, with the celebrations continuing all month!

Three specially-brewed festival beers are being released, including the brewer’s first Kransky smoky sausage beer, and Black Forest beer. Oktoberfest food features Kransky Burgers, smoked meats, house-made pretzels and more. 

And there will be live entertainment each weekend across October.

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world.  In 2017, over 7.3 million litres of beer are expected to be consumed there. This consumption accounts for about 30% of the entire annual beer production of all the Munich breweries combined. Visitors also eat a staggering 400,000 sausages - or around one sausage for every two seconds during the festival’s business hours! And the festival record for number of beers carried in one go is 27!

“It seems that beer really can stimulate an economy,” added Murray. “In Germany, Oktoberfest is one of the nation’s biggest exports, and last year the Oktoberfest festival generated a staggering AUD$1.63 billion for its economy.”

Many people may not know that Oktoberfest is also the name of a beer style.

“Technically, authentic ‘Oktoberfestbier’ is brewed only by the breweries within the city limits of Munich. All other beers brewed to emulate the original must be labelled Oktoberfest-style beer! Murray’s is brewing a traditional Oktoberfest beer - or should I say Oktoberfest-style beer, which is smooth, clean, and rather rich, with a depth of malt character,” says Murray’s Brewer, Alex Tucker.

“We’re also pouring a Kransky-inspired beer, brewed with a smoky sausage flavour, and a Black Forest Cake-inspired beer. There will be loads of festival food specials to accompany our German-style beers – think sausages (maybe not 400,000 of them though), and pretzels with housemade mustard,” he added.

Munich celebrates its 207th anniversary of Oktoberfest this year. What is known today as the world’s biggest beer festival actually started out as a Royal Wedding on 12 October 1810 – where a horse race was the big attraction, and not the beer. Today, Oktoberfest is all about the beer.

Visit Murray’s Brewery  across the full month of October for Oktoberfest beer and food, music, activities and events:

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