‘The Colonel’ Nitro Kentucky Common

‘The Colonel’ Nitro Kentucky Common

5% abv

One of the most interesting beers you’ve probably never heard of, ‘Kentucky Common’ is highly uncommon.  It’s one of only three ‘indigenous’ beer styles to the United States, as well as one of the rarest commercially brewed beer styles in the world.

The style represents the true grit of the Deep South American beer market. Originating around the Louisville area, this was the working man’s beer of choice from the mid 1800s - the equivalent of porters made in London at the same time.

In Kentucky there was an abundance of corn grown, so it made perfect sense to use this crop to make beer in the form of grits. The beer was made fast to keep up with demand, with next to no conditioning time - something we never would normally here at Murray's. But we are always keen to experiment and try new things.

Dark brown, creamy finish and a little tart. Interesting and tasty.

Originally, the beer would have been poured straight from the cask into mugs. We’ve added our characteristic twist, and opted to use nitrogen to dial up the drinking experience.

So enjoy the experience of southern (and Port Stephens’) hospitality as they did for a limited time only . . . before the killjoys of Prohibition almost wiped this beer out of existence.

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