'Mister America' Big American Stout

'Mister America' Big American Stout

6% abv

American Stouts have a reputation for being a bit ‘wacky zany’ – especially compared to their more conservative British and Irish cousins. Now add a splash of Murray’s innovation and originality, and you’ve got ‘Mister America’ American Stout.

If you ever thought lots of hops don't belong in BIG BLACK stout – then think again. This beer is going to prove you wrong! It’s blacker than the night and has a dense, creamy head. A BIG hit of classic roasted malts then finishes off with an even BIGGER hit of molasses, tobacco and American citrus and pine hops.

Don’t’ try to understand it. IT JUST WORKS.

We’ve made Mister America an easy drinking session stout as well.

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