Dog House IPA

Dog House IPA

5.2% abv

Dog House is a really great session IPA.

It's unfiltered (in fact it's our first unfiltered IPA) and also the first beer to make use of the new hop-back in the brewery. The hop-back allows us to use super fresh whole cone hop flowers (rather than pellets) at the very last stage of the brewing process immediately before we run the wort off to the fermenter. We fill the basket of our hop-back up with the hop flowers and run hot wort through the bed of fresh hops in a final pass before the wort travels through the heat exchanger and into the fermenter. This hot contact extracts the hop resins/oils giving maximum hop flavour and aroma with minimal-to-no-added hop bitterness. It gives an added 'resiny' mouthfeel to the beer and a cleaner, brighter hop flavour than other methods.

We used NZ Cascade hop flowers in this batch and we also used Motueka and Pacifica pellets in the boil and whirlpool.

The result is a really hoppy, quite bitter IPA with great drinkability due to its dry finish and lower than usual ABV for style (5.2%).

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