Murray’s ‘Blue Velvet’ Blue IPA

Murray’s ‘Blue Velvet’ Blue IPA

5.2% abv

Would you want to drink a beer that is blue?

We wouldn't. It would make us think that colouring or some other non-natural additive was used.

Would you want to drink a beer that has blueberries in it?

Now that we would! So we created Murray’s Blue Velvet Blue IPA.

This is a darker than normal IPA, with blueberries added in the boil and also in the fermentation to produce lively yet subtle blueberry notes on the palate.

The main hop driver is Mount Hood from the USA which gives berry notes to the aroma.

Blue Velvet is produced at 5.2%abv to give a great rounding of alcohol that lifts the aroma and body to match the flavours within.

GREAT with American Dude Food!

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