In Bloom wet hop IPA

In Bloom wet hop IPA

6% abv

Murray's "In Bloom" wet hop IPA is a celebration of freshness and flavour. It's the greenest, cleanest beer we've ever brewed!

Our hop farming friends in Tasmania handpicked the first hop flowers of the season, packed a bag of them straight from the bine, and couriered them to us at Bobs Farm by overnight air freight.

That's 24 hours from the vine, to the brew!

The next day we used these 'wet hops' to brew the freshest beer possible (most beers are made using pelletised dried hop flowers, you know). We added the wet hop flowers all the way through the brewing process, from the mash onward and jammed as many into the brewery's Hop Back as we could fit.

Their fresh, resiny hop-goodness was squeezed out of them on the way to the fermenter creating a great burst of fresh hop flavour and aroma. Balanced by clean malt flavours and a slightly cooler than our usual fermentation profile, "In Bloom" is a hop lover's Nirvana!

Fresh is always best.

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