Endless Summer

Endless Summer

7% abv

It may not be the Hills Hoist, a garage roller door, the Bionic Ear or the Two-Stroke Lawn Mower, but we?re pretty proud of Australia?s latest ?invention? ? our Flemish Summer Ale (known affectionately as Murray?s Endless Summer), being released in NSW and Victoria from Australia Day ? Tuesday 26 January 2010.

According to Head Brewer, Shawn Sherlock, ?The basic idea for this beer is that it is an ?invented? style ? a hybrid of a few Belgian styles and influenced by Saisons, Belgian Blond Ales, with a nod to Belgian Trippels, but true to Murray?s style, true to none of them as such!?

?This beer is perfect for lazy summer afternoons and a refreshing change from all those bland lagers out there. Murray?s Endless Summer is for those looking for something a bit different this summer.?

Murray?s Endless Summer carries the classic estery and lightly phenolic Belgian yeast character from the blend of authentic Belgian ale yeasts used. The body of the beer is complex with round biscuity German malt flavours initially filling the mouth before a surprisingly dry, summery finish for a beer of this size. It is this dry finish that keeps it as a summer ale ? very moreish and drinkable - but dangerous at 7% ABV.

Also marking it as unusual for a Belgian style is its spicy late hop character. The beer isn?t a hop driven style by any means but there is a stronger presence than in most Belgian styles which adds to the overall complexity of the beer.

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