Murray's does a colaboration brew with Frankies Pizza by the Slice every year... cause pizza is exceptional with beer, and Frankies Pizza is truly awesome!. "Hot beer god" Jordan from Frankie's Pizza by the Slice and Swillhouse Group is the crazy Miami Beer Monster behind the counter.

1) Hottest food you've ever eaten?

SATAN'S BLOOD HOT SAUCE. I acquired this wicked potion at the Tears of Joy hotsauce shop in Austin, TX a few years back. I've hardly put a dent in it as it is most truly THE hottest %$%# I've ever encountered. It's a capsaicum concentrate, every now and then I'll go a dab on the finger just to remind myself that I'm only human, it's a grounding tool!

2) Hottest person on the planet?

My mum. A little over-ripe now but she used to be ridiculously hot.

3)Favourite beer or accompany hot food?

I usually avoid Belgians and Bocks with food, I kinda dig those sweeter beers as a 'meal' of their own. Anything else works for me though, sour stuff's always great with food, keeping the palate constantly inspired.

4)Hottest band of all time?

WINGER. Kip Winger *^*&^% rules, so talented, flexible and set the pages of Playgirl alight when he bared all back in '91.

5) Hottest song you enjoy in summer?

I like to counterbalance the Summer heat with some super dark tunes. The Black Dahlia Murder's getting a heap of rotation on the car stereo at the moment. 'Phantom Limb Masturbation' is brutal, groovy and perfect for pumping iron in the heat.

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