This is Ellie-Marie Watts, a journo with the Port Stephens Examiner. Originally from the country, she's traded green scrub for blue ocean but dislikes sand - go figure! When not writing she's taking photos, watching sports, eating good food and drinking delicious wine or cider, reading and, did we mention sports?

Hottest (G-rated) day on earth that you’ve experienced? What was it, where were you, and why was it so ‘hot’?

The hottest day I remember when I was about nine, living out near Mudgee. It was literally a really hot day. It felt like 1000 degrees one day during summer, the worst I've ever felt. And if I was nine and still remember it, it was obviously sweltering. We lived on a farm and had to do chores. It was nearly impossible that day. My mum, who needs it to be 1001 degrees to crack a sweat bribed me and my brother to do our chores with a trip to the pool later that afternoon. It was a pretty big deal because we lived 45 minutes away from the pool.

Hottest person on the planet at the moment, and why?

Did I mention I love movies? No? I love movies. And at the moment there are plenty of hot movie actors and actresses starring on the big scree. Just to name a few (because I've watched a movie with them in it recently): Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Shailene Woodley, Jason Momoa, Chloë Grace Moretz, Scarlett Johansson (of course) and Zac Efron. Why are they hot? Just look at them!

Favourite hot dish to eat

Funnily enough I cannot seem to enjoy hot or spicy foods. Why is this funny? Because my family is Hungarian. My dad and grandfather play this game where they find the hottest chili's possible and eat them from the jar. The hottest I can go is sweet chilli.

Hot food tolerance (on a scale of 0-10, 10 being explosive)

Sadly, a 0.5.

Hot breakfast versus uncooked breakfast? Which is better?

Hot brekkie all the way! If there is one thing I really do love, it is a hot, cooked breakfast. My Sunday ritual is heading to new cafe's with mates for a brunch. How can you pick cereal over scrambled eggs?

Which public figure is most full of hot air?

So many to choose from! But, I'll have to go with Clive Palmer. Sorry, Clive.

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