There’s been a lot of press lately about potentially misleading labelling of food and beverage products in Australia, with the ACCC performing some important work to help ensure consumers are getting what they think they are getting. And in the case of beer, really drinking what they think they are drinking.

As a small brewer, authenticity is very important to us. We are an independent, 100% Australian owned and run craft brewer who is passionate about improving the public’s perception of beer as a beverage in our country. We do not license out production or supply of any of our wide range of beers to any other brewer either large or small.  We brew a wide range of highly rated beer from our brewery at Port Stephens – including 100 percent of our draught beer and a lot of our bottle product. We also brew and bottle some of our biggest lines offsite at a larger plant when we can’t keep up with spikes in demand. Importantly, a large part of this production is carried out personally by our brewers. 

We recognise that we could be clearer in explaining the origin of brewing in these instances. So, for those beers which may be brewed offsite at times, we are improving our labelling. You will soon be seeing some cool new packaging for our core range hitting the shelves of great craft beer outlets across the country. Keep an eye out and tell us what you think.


The Murray’s team

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