We had a chat with Matt Fox - the brains behind Diabolik Tattoo in Newcastle. Also present was Dan Phelan resident DJ and Graphic designer extraordinaire

1) Hottest Day

2 years ago it hit 45 in Newy but Thailand is always super hot

2) Hottest person

My wife Melissa of course (points to his swollen wedding finger, he had a indoor soccer accident the night before) and this ring is not coming off.

3) Hottest band

(We had to come back to this question as a lot of thought went into this one) I've been a little obsessed with Electric 6, you might not know them but they did that musical anthem "Gay Bar"

4) Hottest town for a beer

Of course Newcastle 2300 all the way

5) Favourite Dish

Anything with a bucket load of Chili or Dans wife is a pretty hot dish.... (laughs)

6) Hottest topic 2014

Celebrity nudes

7) Hottest wheels on the road

'64 Chevvy Impala if I could fit it in my garage, I'd have to get the hydraulics too its the gangsta in me

8) Hottest actress

Lately I would have to say Scarlett Johansen, especially in the movie 'under the skin'. Both frontal and behind body shots equally impressive.

9) Hottest Tattoo of all time

Half sleeve of big trouble in little China by Paul Acker

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