Dallas Singer is a professional body boarder - Number 1 rider for 4play bodyboards he grew up in Anna Bay around the corner from the brewery.

1. Hottest (G-rated) day on earth that you've experienced?

What was it, where were you, and why was it so 'hot'? Mexico 2012, we had a contest in a place called Puerto Escondido. It must be the hottest place I've ever been to and the water temperature averages 30 degrees so there's not much relief anywhere but the hotel room. The day of the finals we ran through the middle of the day and I almost fainted in the water from the heat, between heats were spent in the hotel shower until we had to get back into it haha.

2. Hottest location to enjoy a cool beer? (city/town/country, rather than venue)

I just returned from the Indonesian island of Java. The waves pumped everyday and the tide would dry up by 4 in the afternoon, the sun sets where made even better by cold beers with good mates, perfect reflection time!

3. Favourite hot dish to eat

Indian food is my vice, I don't mind a spice challenge every now and then .

4. Favourite hot dish to cook

Green currys with freash vegatables from my local framers markets.

5. Favourite beer to accompany hot and spicy food

Murray's Whale ale is my favourite beer of all time, my wife and I made it beer of choice at our wedding last year, it accompanied the catering we had that consisted of mildly spiced ethnic dishes.

6. Hottest food you have ever eaten

Spiced capsicums in Mexico City, I rate myself as someone who can handle just about anything spice wise. I'm not 100% sure what was in there due to the language barrier but it got a laugh out of the local restaurant when I ran for the kitchen tap!

7. Hot breakfast versus uncooked breakfast? Which is better?

Cooked breakfast. I'm currently living on the Gold Coast and I don't think a week has gone by when I haven't gone out for Breakfast at least 3 times at one of the great cafes up here.

8. Hottest actress of all time

The chick from hunger games!

9. Hottest actor of all time

Huge Jackman

10. Hot yoga versus regular yoga? Which is best?

Regular yoga is usually hot enough for me, haha

11. Hottest sporting moment

When that bobsledder busted her tights open in the winter games earlier this year! (here)

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