This is Adam Linforth who is the founder of Budgie Smuggler swim wear - and we don't think there's anything hotter than aussie made!

1) hottest day on earth you have experienced

First day I arrived in Tucson Arizona - My thongs started melting to the tarmac.

2) hottest person on the planet

Hansel - so hot right now

3) hottest band of all time

Hanson (as distinct from Hansel the male model) - how good was their latest Australian tour!

4) hottest town to enjoy a beer

Somewhere in Qatar for the World Cup. I'm not sure if they serve beer though.

5) favourite hot dish

A mexican pie

6) hottest topic of 2014

@tindafella - that guy is a revelation!

7) hottest wheels on the road you wish you drove

I've always wanted to roll on a Segway. Would have to go with the latest Segway SE3 Patroller.

8) hottest actor and actress of all time

It's hard to go past Dieter Brummer & Holly Valance.

9) hottest cricket shot of all time

I specialise at shots behind wicket. I'd probably have to go with nearly chopping the ball onto your stumps and scoring 4 through fine leg.

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