Shawn Sherlock

Hottest location to enjoy a cool beer?

Newcastle of course... Maybe overlooking the scenic coal loader, watching the ships go by on the harbour or ideally watching the Knights pouring on the points against Manly...

Favourite hot dish to cook

Hot, spiced up, smokey seafood and chorizo paella

Hot favourite beer recommendation for HOptoberfest

Definitely the Big Wednesday IPA... It has a really unique malt hop balance for an IPA and we only brew it a few times a year. Nothing else tasted like a fresh batch of Big Wednesday...

Hot food tolerance (on a scale of 0-10, 10 being explosive)

8... Love my hot foods especially Thai curries and stir fries, Mexican and Mexican inspired Southern US food, Vietnamese... generally the more heat the better.

Hot breakfast versus uncooked breakfast? Which is better?

Is this question for real??? Hot Breakfast all the way... From a full Irish fry up with black pudding to a great Spanish style/Berber Omelette to leftover southern style chilli with toast... The list of awesome hot breakfasts is endless. Uncooked doesn't come close...

Which public figure is most full of hot air

Definitely Alan Jones... First up against the wall when the Sherlock revolution comes...

Hottest sporting moment

The 1997 Rugby League Grand Final. Closely Followed by the 2001 Rugby League Grand Final. The best days ever...

Alex Tucker

Hottest person on the planet at the moment, and why?

Me. Just 'cause...

Hottest band of all time?

Right Said Fred

Hottest song you enjoy in summer?

I'm Too Sexy

Hottest day you can remember?

On the Dead Sea. Swam but it was hot.

Favourite hot spice

Old Spice

Hot favourite beer recommendation

Fred IPA – 'Cause it's kicking with hops

Hot food tolerance (on a scale of 0-10, 10 being explosive)

Pretty much at 10 on the Indian Curries... I used to live in Leicester (UK) the Indian food capital of Britain. I drop down 8 with Mexican food – different kind of heat.

Hottest cricket shot of all time

Doesn't apply... I'm English!

Hottest sporting moment

World Cup 1966 – Nothing Else Compares

Sean Costigan

Favourite beer to accompany hot and spicy food

Icon 2IPA – if any beer has the hoppy punch to do battle with spicy food it's Icon!

Hottest food you have ever eaten

I made a chilli dish with a couple of ghost chillies in it once and I thought my eyes were going to bleed...

Hottest actress of all time

Jessica Alba. Enough said!

Hot yoga versus regular yoga? Which is best?

Either is fine as long as Jessica Alba is the one doing the yoga. I'll watch for as long as I'm allowed...

Which public figure is most full of hot air

It's hard to go past Kanye West. I'd have to be most of the way through a cube of Icon to tolerate him or his music...

Craig Starr

Hottest day you can remember? 

Easy, working for the railwaysreplacing wooden sleepers with concrete ones in the middle of the Nullabor Plain in summer. Even the birds were clustered under trees for shade. How did we stay cool? We didn't...

Favourite hot dish to eat

The hot meal to have with the Angry Brown would have to be a top steak with all the trimmings, preferably off a barbecue down at the beach.

Hot favourite beer recommendation

My pick as the beer for Hoptoberfest would have to be Angry Man Brown Ale as it's a true man's beer, and I'm a man! Big flavours from that caramel malt and that late hoppy taste to finish

Hottest wheels on the road which you wished you owned

Red Lamborghini because you wouldn't have to chase women, they would chase you. You could also outrun any of their boyfriends.\

Hottest actor of all time

Bryan Brown, for two reasons: 1. His name is mentioned every time the Angry Brown is made and his name is put on the whichever tank the beer is in all the way through, and 2. I've been told many times I look like him so he must be hot!

Dave Offen

Hottest song you enjoy in summer?

Blister in the Sun

Hottest day you can remember?

Visited the Sun Temple of Ramses II in Egypt. It was already 45 degrees by 9am and just got hotter from there...

Hot favourite beer recommendation

Punk Monk

Hottest most favourite movie of all time

Bulletproof Monk

Hottest actress of all time

Sophie Monk

Hottest ad of all time

The new paintwork on the Murray's Delivery Truck

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