Public update - Midday Tuesday

Well all things considered we have picked ourselves up quickly and are doing what we can with what little we have exceedingly well!

Public support and offers of assistance has been overwhelming. We feel truly blessed to have just a wonderful network of friends and understanding customers.

All our staff are still working - they just may be being redeployed for different things. Eg Kitchen team helping out brewers etc

We have come a long way in 4 days. But there is a way to go as we plan and hope to start rebuilding quickly.

On Sunday we commenced offering wine tasting, wine sales and takeaway beer.

Today we have started offering service back to our international tourism customers.

And we are really hoping that by this weekend we may be able to pour our first beer (from a portable system) and offer some simple food.

We will know for sure tomorrow and will update everyone via social.

The best thing anyone can do to help us is visit us and buy some beer or wine!

Thankfully the brewery operation was not affected and so we can keep brewing! And we are still running brewery tours.

Thank you and we cant wait to move forward and build an even better Murrays experience!

Progress day today...

we have fenced the cellar door to make it safe for our guests to visit us again.

We managed to help ensure Leah and Brent still enjoyed their big day - and they seemed really happy.

And we are readying for a first partial opening tomorrow. Baby steps ... But forward steps.

Thanks Soooooo much again for your messages. We simply cannot ask for better friends. Thankyou for your kindness. The team's all been truly overwhelmed (in a positive way) by your spirit and well wishes - and its really helping us to soldier on.

Public update 6pm

What a day!

First, thankyou for all your heartfelt messages of support. It's been amazing.

The cellar door's been badly damaged. But we got through the day and will start the big clean up and rebuilding from tomorrow - after a good night's sleep.

This Sunday we will be opening from 10am for wine tasting, wine sales and packaged beer sales (no food just yet). And we will be opening in this way all next week.

All still 100% operational on the brewing front too.

We'll get back to u soon with our kitchen and bar re-opening plans.

Won't be long before u can have a great meal and we'll be pouring beer at Bobs Farm again!

Thanks and stay tuned


Message from Murray. 9.45am 14 Oct 2016.

There has been a fire today at Murray's Brewery affecting our Cellar Door. It's too early for us to say much except:

  • Importantly nobody injured
  • Fire is under control
  • Not trading today at Bobs Farm

IMPORTANTLY our beer brewing and wholesale business is UNAFFECTED and continues to operate as usual.

When our wonderful local police and fire services have finished their work and we have access to our property, we will know more and update you.

Our focus is to reopen for trade asap

Thank you!


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